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Wellness and Nutrition

To maintain peak performance, avoid injury and be at your best every day you have to fuel your body correctly and regularly. We stock a number of different products in store to help you achieve your goals - whether that's improved strength and stamina, healthy weight maintenance or general wellbeing - no matter your experience or fitness level. Contact us or visit our partner nutrition site and take our wellness profile. We also have some trial packs available in case you want to try some of the products out!

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The Me Vs Me: 21 Day Challenge

We are delighted to introduce you to the #21daychallenge with the #MevsMeMovement in partnership with The Health Hub (see below) who provide awesome fitness and nutrition advice. These challenges have achieved astonishing results whether you're looking to improve strength and fitness, lose some weight or generally want to improve your health and wellbeing. Check out the challenge site below and message us to get involved!

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The Health Hub

Not ready to get involved with the challenge just yet but curious about improving your fitness and nutrition? Why not join the Health Hub? It's a free group with 4 Facebook Live workouts per week, awe inspiring trainers and lots of nutritional information!

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