• Non-woven felt Santa hats that are classic Christmas red in colour, with a white trim and white bobble. These traditional hats are the perfect way to spread some festive cheer. These hats can be worn on their own as a subtle Christmas accessory or paired with a Christmas fancy dress outfit to have a total Christmassy look, either way you won’t look boring. Great fun to wear as a large group, easily identify your party in the crowd.
  • QUALITY PRODUCT - These hats are made from a high quality, non-woven felt material. This type of material will allow you to wear these durable hats more than once, so not only are they affordable but re-usable too. These hats will not scratch or irritate your scalp or hair, making them comfortable to wear throughout the festive season. Each individual hat is 38cm in height, from the bottom of the hat up to the bobble and 30cm in width, which is suitable for most adults to wear comfortably.

Santa Hat